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All of our vehicles are provided on a minimum 10 hours base to base and are charged from the time they leave our base until the time of return to base and. Any cleaning and re-preparation work will be included in the hired rate of the vehicle


We do not supply any of our vehicles on a self-drive basis and our drivers have the final decision regarding the on-location operation, unless full responsibility  is taken  in writing that any actions resulting in vehicle damage or loss of business incurred will be fully reimbursed by the client or Production Company


We do not allow any of the following on our vehicles:


Illegal Drugs

Drinking Alcohol unless for the purpose of hospitality

Pets unless a guide dog

Underage Drinking


We do not carry passengers in any of our vehicles 


It must be understood that the misuse of our vehicles such as the attachment of signs, the stacking of equipment against the vehicle, the misuse of electrical sockets or equipment, and the removal of company property or stock from the vehicle without permission, plus not being returned clean and undamaged will result in a charge being made to Production or client for repair or replacement.


At no time do we carry equipment on our vehicles other than hanging garments, luggage or personal items which are at the discretion of the driver and are at the risk of the owner or Production Company. The carrying of any items are as a personal favour and do not form any part of a business contract with SFS.  Security must be in operation during all times of our vehicles being on location. Failure to do so will result in the Production Company liable for any theft of vehicles.


All bookings are taken on a pencil basis and must be confirmed no later than 48 hours before the intended date of use, a booking that is confirmed and then released will be subject to a cancellation at the full rate of the standard day charged, if a vehicle is not confirmed 48 hours before the intended date of use then the company reserves the right to except a confirmed booking on a first come first served basis, and any special rates will become null and void.

It is the responsibility of the production company to provide on site security at all hours of shoot operation to ensure the safety of all SFS equipment and vehicles. In the event of theft, vandalism and/or damage to any property belonging to SFS while at a unit base or shoot location, is it the responsibility of the production company to reimburse for the full value of property damaged or stollen.

Whist we endeavour to provide our services at the published prices these may vary from time to time as follows;

Road Tolls

Parking Expenses or fines

Congestion Charges


Out Of Pocket Expenses

Administration fees will be chargeable at cost.

A fuel surcharge may be added in some European countries subject to price variations and LPG availability, this will also apply in remote areas where it is necessary to use bulk delivery services.

Waste disposal will be charged where such services are not provided.    

All invoices are subject to VAT and are to be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice, the company reserves the right to charge interest on late paid invoices


We look forward to working with you.


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