We provide Location Facilities designed for designed TV & Film locations including:

-Makeup Costume Wardrobe Split Trucks

-Dining Bus with bespoke production areas

-Child friendly Honey Wagons


We specialise in TV Commercial's, Photo Media shoots, Film, TV, Sports and Events. We understand that every production is different, therefore we're more than happy to discuss your specific requirements. Furthermore we have extensive network within the film industry which we're happy to share with you.

Please click here to view our selection of location facility vehicles.



We supply a range of rare luxury classic cars and retro vintage caravan's ideal for background or action vehicles. Please click here to view our bespoke selection of classic action vehicles.






Also available for shoots and events are our selection of friendly animals including horses, sheep, ponies, Shetland Ponies and donkeys. Please click here to see our selection of set animals and we'd be happy to discuss the option with you.



We offer our very own unique shoot location 1 hour south of London with excellent access for all vehicles and facilities. Set in Hills of Surrey, this location offers beautiful scenery ideal for shoots. We would be happy to discuss this opportunity further on request.


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