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Cutting edge tech at Luton Hoo today, and our Location Facilities are getting amongst it!

Luton Hoo?

Creativity past and present - side by side

Today at Southern Film Services, we're providing location facilities support to to provide some warm coverage and comfort for their talent, producing a cutting edge drone LED video today in Luton

on this gorgeous autumnal day.

Many films have chosen this location to set their stories - It appeared in the two James Bond films Never Say Never Again (1993) and The World Is Not Enough (1999), plus Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Enigma (2001), Vanity Fair (2004) and War Horse (2011), among others.

In the great surrounding of Luton Woo (Woo - an Anglo Saxon name for a spur of a hill!) Home to an historic hotel set in wonderful grounds which includes a magnificent walled garden!

Closed to the public now and home to an exclusive hotel

But Creativity and and design goes back to over 300 years here: Architect Robert Adams (he and his father built most of the city of Georgian Bath as well as many other Neo Classical Wonders) built the house back in the 1700’s.

The Gardens were set out by none other than Capability Brown (He also set out the gardens for Blenheim Palace).

Names such a Winston Churchill, James Bond and Queen Elizabeth too are also closely linked to the sight.

Get in touch to discuss your next production, I am sure your location will be just as Perfect!

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