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Over the last few months since our rebrand, Southern Film Services - SFS are proud to have supplied a range of new customers to add to our highly valued regular clients, we have introduced our new 3 Door Honey Wagon, Mobile Toilet, into the hire fleet, and already it's proving a great success with first class feed back from Production and Location Managers alike, this is the perfect choice when you have children on set and will give you compliance with local authorities.

As a company that has been around for over 30 years we know what it takes to provide stress free Facility, Location and Production Vehicles for your Film,TV, Commercial or Photo media shoot, with highly experienced staff who help where needed for a seamless days shooting. We also acknowledge that many of our clients work through diary services as well as their own direct Productions, and we are no different, and more than happy to provide Vehicles or Props to you through your diary service, or indeed direct from our fleet, whatever suits your requirements.

If you would like a particular vehicle and driver from SFS, then simply ask your diary service to book us and they will do this for you, repeat the process to complete your ideal Unit Base, that is best suited to you and your crew. This means you can provide the preferred options to Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup or your Artist instead of being limited to whatever is available on a single providers fleet, which in many cases is not an exact fit for your requirements, and therefore makes for an unhappy crew, artist or agency.

We are always here to help, So if you need, a 3 Door Honey Wagon, Standard Honey Wagon, Dining Bus, Costume Wardrobe or Makeup Split Combo, 4X4, Location Van, in fact any Production or Location Vehicle then send an email to or Call us on any of our numbers and we will be happy to quote for your Unit Base requirements

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